Pearls of Wisdom Women, Inc.

(Know Your Self-Worth (KYSW) Support Group)

“Pathway for Healing & Empowering through Pearls of Wisdom” Proverbs 4:6-7


Mission: To be a beacon of light through faith-based support and provide a place for women with common experiences or concerns to share experiences, discuss coping skills, encouragement, comfort, advice and unconditional love for one another. Pearl's of Wisdom Women (POWW) support groups are peer-led, meaning they are facilitated by someone living with a disorder or experienced a life-changing event.


To allow people to heal in a healthy and spiritual way: To give themselves permission.

To encourage people to go after their dreams no matter the obstacles: To overcome fear and doubts.

To present an avenue of metamorphosis from caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly for those that feels like they can't make it: To bring hope.

To listen and communicate in an effective way/ manner: To be a pillar.

To capture the hearts of those who care to make a difference: To motivate.

To grow in all aspects of life spiritually, mentally, and physically: To become Whole and Know Your Self- Worth.

To feel people hearts with laughter: To respect their story; to celebrate with; to share in and bring joy to them; to accept their healing for me and my life as we minister one to the other.

In the last number of years, people who have had personal problems resorted to support groups whether researching the internet to look for information and encouragement to deal with the often life-crippling effects of what is going on in their lives or face-to-face meetings. In the past, internet-based support was mainly provided via chat rooms and forums - both with greatly varying quality and effectiveness.


 Now, KYSW POWW support group offers web conference-based peer support and informative meetings that are much more like being in a real group, as well as face-to-face gatherings. In POWW meetings participants can see their group leader, material can be presented, and everyone can talk with each other. Participants can join a meeting from the comfort and privacy of their homes or choose a meeting that is offered in a real group setting.

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