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7 in 10 believe they are not good enough or do not measure up

74% are under pressure to please others

98% feel pressure for external sources to look and act a certain way

Our Vision for KYSW, Inc. is that those that we encounter learn a New way of thinking and living. They are able to become independent and self-sufficient while going through the process in building their self-worth. You will be able to Know it…Own it…and Walk in it! The Total You Meets Destiny and Purpose.

Know Your Self-Worth, Inc.

Our mission is to empower, enrich, and integrate a better community through promoting self-worth and mental health awareness, feeding the hungry, provide shelter to single parents and recovering addicts through transitional facilities, clothing those in need, inspire our youth to strive for the best in life and teaching a New way of living.  We will be a beacon of light on how to apply independent life principles on mental health, relationships, purpose and wealth that will allow those we encounter to become independent, self-sufficient and successful in life.


Mental Health Awareness: Informational and educational forums to educate on the different types of mental health illnesses and how to overcome the daily struggles.

Building Authentic Networks/ Relationships: Workshops and seminars where you can come learn how to authentically build your Networks = NetWorth and communicate effectively in your relationships. Learn how to love beyond your brokenness and live whole after divorce.

Walking In Your Purpose: Take the journey of learning who you are and your "Self-Worth" that will encompass God's design for your Life's God-Given Purpose.

Holistic Living: Feeding your mind, body and soul through teachings on living healthy, wealthy and wise.

Outreach: Getting out in our communities and being the hands and feet of Jesus through love and service.

Global Corporate Office:

6 Sandy Bluff Ct., Durham, NC 27703

Satellite Office:

P.O. Box 853., Mooresville, NC 28115