Tiesha C. Frontis is the founder and CEO of Know Your Self Worth International Ministry Inc.  This organization, birthed in 2013, was created to inspire, uplift and teach women how God sees them and how they should see themselves through Him.  She is a native of Charlotte, NC but relocated to Durham, NC in 1993 to pursue her college education at North Carolina Central University where she graduated with a dual Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and Biology.  She believes education is important and is currently pursuing a dual Master’s Degree at Pfeiffer College and will also pursue her Doctorate in Theology.  She wholeheartedly believes in her movement…Know Your Self-Worth, thus resulting in the Pearls of Wisdom Women in October 2016.


She is a woman of purpose, faith and virtue, having persevered through diverse challenges including molestation, promiscuity, addiction, domestic abuse, miscarriage, homelessness, divorce and so much more. She lives to share her story with other women, men and teens, encouraging them that they can make it and they can survive.  She is a true testimony of resilience and triumph.  Her testimony is so powerful that you can only absorb it by hearing it face to face.   She started POWW after forming and expanding a depression support and self-help education group—including face-to-face and virtually-based. Since 2008, she has provided help and support to many men, women and families. She also was recognized and received an award as the NC ACHI Magazine "Woman of Influence" for 2016, NC ACHI Magazine "Community Leader" for 2017, and serves as the ACHI WSWA Raleigh Durham Chapter Vice President.

Through empowerment and education, Lady Tiesha prays and hopes for restoration in the lives of other people.  She has held numerous Women’s Empowerment Conferences, support groups, and other events to ensure that people have access to what they need in order to be successful in life.  She has been a keynote speaker and inspirational speaker for numerous conferences and events which support women and youth; she has also appeared on several radio shows, while also launching her on radio show KYSW Global Radio through Praise Network Global Media Network in December 2015.  Her media savvy does not end with radio, she is also a published author as a former Inspirational writer for Simply Elevate Magazine.

She is an upcoming contributor for the third book (Alabaster Box) in the series, Testify: The Praise Literary Collection, to be released in 2017, Author of Affirmations and Antidotes That Remind Me, released May 2017 and Author of Affirmations That Heal Me, released in September 2017 as well.  She is also working toward completion of her first solo book and anthology projects.  To schedule her for speaking engagements or find out more information about the KYSW Conference/ Events, POWW and Sister’s Network, please email kyswnetwork@gmail.com or call (919) 213-0943.



"I believe you were created in the image of Christ to fulfill a Purpose in the earth. I believe you are far worth more valuable than rubies. I believe you can overcome every obstacle/struggle life can throw your way if you believe in yourself and Know Your Self-Worth."


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